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October 2010

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Fic: Remember Susan/Talia Part 8

Title: Remember (Part 8/?)
Fandom & Pairing Babylon 5 Susan/Talia
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Michael headed towards the customs area. It was deserted, accept for a woman who was sitting with her back towards him. Zack spotted Michael immediately and sighed in relief.



Michael turned towards his second in command's voice, the woman on the bench forgotten.

"Ok, Zack are you going to tell me what the hell is going on here?" Michael was in no mood for games.

"Chief, I think you should see for yourself. It would be to hard to put into words. Zack pointed towards the woman seated on the bench.

Michael looked to where Zack was pointing to. He snorted to himself, this is what got Zack all fired up, a woman. He started walking towards the woman and then abruptly stopped in mid stride. When the woman turned towards him and he got a glimpse of her face he knew why Zack was shaken.


Michael's heart stopped for a brief second. He shook his head to clear his vision, thinking perhaps he was hallucinating. When he opened his eyes the sight before him was the same. Walking towards him was his long lost friend, Susan Ivanova.


Irinia was trying her best to keep her temper in check. She was fighting a losing battle. The personnel she encountered so far were incompetent. How long did she have to wait for Chief of Security to arrive? She was going to file a formal complaint as soon as he arrived.

"Where the hell was that man?" Irinia began to shift in her seat, she turned around and saw a man coming down the corridor. She hoped he was the security chief. She got up from the bench and made her way to the man.


Michael decided to meet her halfway. A huge smile graced his face at seeing his best friend. Without realizing what he was doing he enveloped the woman in a bone crushing embrace. "Susan, is that you? Oh my God Susan you are alive. Where have you been all this time?"


Irinia was gasping for air and trying to get the man off her. "What else do I have to endure on this god forsaken space station?" She began squirming and trying to slip from his strong arms. "Get your paws off me", she shouted at him.

Michael pulled back to look at Susan with confusion etched on his face. "Come on Ivanova, there's nothing wrong with showing a little affection for someone you haven't seen in ten years." Michael chuckled to himself, but he could tell Susan was in no mood to joke around.


A low growl started in Irinia's throat. "I am not Susan Ivanova, you idiot. Now take your hands off me before I rip them off and beat you senseless with the bloody stumps."

Michael dropped his hands to his sides and took two steps away from the irate woman.

"Whoa, take it easy there." Zack magically appeared at Garibaldi's side. "See why I needed you here Chief."

Michael just glared at Zack and brought his attention back to Susan or whoever she was.


"Okay if you are not Susan Ivanova, then who are you and why do you look like her?"



Irinia screamed in frustration. Her face was turning a deep scarlet.

"As I told your second banana, I am Irinia Kralik from Proxima 3. I believe your goon still has my identicard."

Michael looked to Zack for confirmation. Zack just nodded his head and passed the identi scanner to Michael.
He absently scrolled through the information that appeared on the small screen. Everything Irinia said was true. Michael was just a little confused. All his instincts told him that the woman standing before him was indeed Susan. He decided to play along until he could investigate the situation further.

"Alright Ms. Kralik answer my second question, why do you look like Susan Ivanova?"

Irinia released a sigh before responding.
"Did it ever occur to you that Commander Ivanova looks like me?"

Both Michael and Zack looked at each other, sheepish expressions on their faces.

Zack shrugged his shoulders. "I didn't think of that Chief."
"Neither did I Zack", Michael responded softly.

Irinia's features softened with the whispered confessions. "Listen I understand that you miss your friend and maybe we share a resemblance but I assure you I am not her. In fact this is my first visit to Babylon 5. Hey do you have a picture of her? I'm very curious to see how similar we are."

Michael thought about the request and an idea formed in his head. "I can pull up her service record on the Bab Comm unit over there, follow me."
Michael began manipulating the comm unit. A few seconds later Susan's service record began scrolling across the screen. The image that came up was at least 15 years old. He motioned for Irinia to join him.


Irinia made her way to the bab comm unit, nervous butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She slowly approached the screen and gasped.

"Oh my", was all she could choke out. She could understand why she had such an effect on the gentlemen in her company.

"It's like looking into a mirror." Irinia was amazed at the uncanny resemblance Commander Ivanova had to her own face.

"You said she's been gone for ten years, what happened to her?"

A sad expression came over Michael's face. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

Susan went out on a reconn mission. A freighter exploded, we believe her starfury was caught in the explosion. We never found her body only a piece of her ship. Michael fought hard to keep the tears at bay. This woman looked so much like Susan it had to be her.


"I'm sorry for your loss gentleman but I need to contact my crew. I'm sure they are wondering what has become of their captain.


Michael contemplated her request. He didn't see any harm in allowing her to make contact. He was a bit suspicious of the whole encounter. His gut was telling him that this was Susan, he just wasn't sure how he was going to prove that.

Michael gave Irinia the go ahead to contact her crew and then motioned for Zack to join him.
"Zack go back to the station house do a background check on our  doppelganger  here. I want to know everything about Ms. Irinia Kralik."


wow! can't wait for more! what happened with Ivanova...very interesting :)
Thanks for reading. You will find out soon enough.