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October 2010

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Fic: Remember Susan/Talia Part 16

Title: Remember (Part 16/?)
Fandom & Pairing Babylon 5 Susan/Talia
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Irinia checked her appearance one last time before she left her quarters. She was meeting Talia for dinner in about twenty minutes. After the debacle in the corridor earlier Irinia had accepted the telepath's invitation to dinner.

Irinia stepped into the turbolift directing it toward the Zocolo. She thought back to Dimitri's behavior earlier. She didn't buy that ridiculous excuse as to why he was following her. She knew he was overprotective of her but this bordered on stalkerish. In all the years she knew him he never acted this way. It was as if someone told him to tail her. But that's absurd who would do such a thing? Besides the only other person Dimitri would take orders from would be her father. What reason would her father give for asking Dimitri to watch her? Next time she spotted Dimitri she was going to confront him. She wondered where he was this evening she hadn't seen him lurking in the shadows. Her thoughts were interrupted when the turbolift doors opened. Irinia stepped out and made her way to the restaurant.

Irinia got several odd looks from the station's inhabitants. She just politely nodded to them and continued on her way. When she reached the restaurant she noticed that Talia was already seated at a table. When the telepath noticed her she waved her over. A smile graced her face and Irinia smiled in response.

"Good evening Ms. Winters, you look lovely."

"Thank you and would you please call me Talia."

Talia's smile was dazzling. It took Irinia's breath away. She knew that she was attracted to the telepath. I mean who wouldn't be, she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

"Talia thank you for inviting me to dinner."

"I'm so glad that you decided to join me."

Irinia thought I bet you are. I know why you asked me to dinner. It's because I look like Susan. She was ok with that. Her resemblance to the Commander got Talia's attention but it will be Irinia that would keep it.

As soon as Talia spotted Irinia her heart started beating faster. She always had that reaction whenever Susan was near. Just for tonight she would pretend it really was her Susan. If she was really being honest with herself that's the only reason she invited Irinia to dinner. She wanted to be near her. Susan had been gone so long it made her feel so lonely. Seeing Irinia made the telepath feel again and she didn't want to let go of it just yet. Talia decided to stop analyzing her actions and give Irinia her undivided attention.

They kept up a good flow of conversation throughout the meal. Irinia talked about growing up on Proxima while Talia spoke about growing up with the Corp. They also flirted shamelessly with each other. Talia had a little bit too much wine and was starting to feel tipsy. She kept staring at Irinia's lips. A few times she caught herself leaning towards her wishing she could kiss her. Talia was so engrossed in her fantasy she missed the question her dinner companion asked.

Clearing her throat she asked, "I'm sorry what did you say?"

Irinia just smirked at Talia and started to repeat her question when a figure caught her eye. She sighed when she recognized who their visitor was. "And the evening was going so well."

Talia turned in her seat to see Michael heading towards their table.

Michael was glad when he spotted Irinia. The Doc should be getting back to him with the results and he wanted Ms. Kralick on hand for the outcome. As he approached the table he was surprised to see Talia.

"Good evening Ladies."

Talia and Irinia were both irritated by his interruption. Irinia was the first to break the silence.

"Don't you have anything better to do then going around the station following me?' She looked around just in case Dimitri was lurking about too.

"I was on my routine patrol when I saw you. I decided to come over and apologize about the incident in the corridor."

"Fine I accept your apology and I would really like to go the rest of my stay here without seeing you."

Talia couldn't help but laugh at Irinia's remark. Michael just ignored her and turned his attention to the telepath.

"I must say Talia you are looking very happy this evening."

The telepath blushed from his comment. "I was happy too until you showed up, Irinia mumbled under her breath.

Michael heard the comment. "Now, now Ms. Kralick you keep saying things like that and I am going to start thinking you don't like me."

"Gee I wonder how you ever came to that conclusion."

Talia giggled loudly at Irinia latest comment. The wine was really starting to get to her. The bantering between the two reminded her of Susan and Michael's interactions.

Irinia was ready to leave and was just about to suggest that to Talia when Michael's link beeped.

"Franklin to Garabaldi"

Finally Michael thought as he activated his link.

"Yes Doctor."

"I have the results that you wanted."

Michael turned to Talia and Irinia. "I think you are both going to want to hear this."

Irinia was confused. Why would she care about some results. All she wanted to do was get away from this man and go back to her quarters. Preferably with the lovely telepath.

"Go ahead Doc tell me what you found."

"The sample you gave me is an exact match to Commander Ivanova's DNA."

"Thank you Stephen, Garabaldi out."

Both Talia and Irinia just looked at Michael with confused expressions. Talia was the first to speak.

"Michael what does all this mean?, do you know what happened to Susan?" When she heard the doctor mention her name her stomach twisted in knots.

"I'm just going to come right out and say this. Irinia I had a lock of your hair tested and it's a match for Susan."

Irinia was speechless. How the hell did he get that sample to be tested? So many other questions were floating around in her mind but she was too shocked to ask any of them. Instead anger began to rise in her. She stood up from the table and began to shout.

"That's impossible, you tampered with the sample. The sample you obtained illegally might I add."

"I did no such thing. The results are true and you are Susan Ivanova!"

Irinia couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could this be? Michael and Talia were staring at her with tears in their eyes. It was too overwhelming for her and she had to get away. She quickly left the table and ran out of the restaurant. She could hear them calling out to her but she didn't look back. How could her entire life be a lie?



Yes! new chapter! And boom! Now how are you going to fix things. :)
I'm already working on the next chapter and hope to have up by the weekend.
good god, you're really dragging out the suspense! more!
wow their dinner was so lovely, and then BANG BOOM, Michael came in with that!!!
I know damn him! LOL