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October 2010

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Fic: Remember Susan/Talia Part 17

Title: Remember (Part 17/?)
Fandom & Pairing Babylon 5 Susan/Talia
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Dimitri had been watching Irinia all through her dinner with the telepath. She wasn't aware of his presence, he made sure of that. Her comment about his tracking skills dented his pride but she was right. This time he was careful and went undetected.

Dimitri was aware of Michael's presence before Irinia noticed him. He had contemplated intervening but decided to let it play out. Within minutes of the security chief's arrival Irinia became agitated. Dimitri chuckled to himself, she's got one hell of a temper on her.

Without warning he watched as Irinia stormed out of the restaurant. Dimitri left his hiding place and continued to track his friend. He followed her into the Gardens. He stopped a few yards from Irinia. She seemed upset and she was crying! This surprised him, he could count on one hand the times he has seen her cry.

Dimitri carefully approached Irinia and laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Irinia are you ok?"

Irinia looked up into Dimitri's concerned face. It was too much for her to bare, she wrapped her arms around him. She buried her face in his neck and continued to sob.

"It's ok little sister, he crooned into her ear as he rubbed circles on her back. Irinia smiled at her childhood nickname. Wait were those even her memories she wondered. She began to cry harder at the realization.

Dimitri hugged her close to him. "Whatever you need I will be here to help you. Just tell what is so I can help you to fix it. Do you need me to get rid of that pesky security chief? I'm sure I could arrange to have him shoved out an air lock."

Irinia couldn't help but laugh. "Oh Dimitri, you sure know how to cheer me up!" She started to wipe away her tears with the back of her hand.

Dimitri kept an arm around her shoulders. He was waiting for her to settle down so that she could begin to explain why she was so upset.

Irinia took a few deep breaths trying to calm herself down. When she opened her eyes she was looking up into Dimtri's kind eyes. It made it easy to tell him what she needed to say.

"Remember what officer that everyone around here keeps mistaking me for?"

Dimitri nodded his head encouraging her to continue.

"Well Garabaldi had a lock of my hair tested and it was a match for her." She waited for any sort of reaction from her most trusted friend.

"Wait how did he get a lock of your hair?"

"Okay I just revealed that I might be Ivanova and you choose to zoom in on how he got my hair! Focus Dimitri!!"

"I'm sorry. He had no right to invade your privacy. Please let me take care of him."

"Dimitri as tempting as that sounds we can't do that", she said with a smirk.

"Wait a minute, Dimitri shook his head to clear the confusion. We grew up together I clearly remember that. It's impossible that you are Ivanova."

"That's what I was thinking. But I've noticed some things that make me question everything I believe in."

"What things?"

"Well for starters, you."

"Me, What have I done to make you doubt me?"

She sighed loudly before beginning her explanation. "Please Dimitri I didn't believe your reason for following me around the station. I mean really you could have come up with a better excuse. You were never good at lying."

Dimitri was about to deny the accusation but looking into her sad eyes he knew he couldn't lie to her any longer.

"Your father asked me to keep any eye on you, and before you ask I don't know why."

Irinia had to laugh, "You know me so well."

"I should also tell you that he is here on Babylon 5."

Irinia was shocked. This little bombshell reinforced the notion that her father was involved in this mess.

"What am I going to do Dimitri my whole life is falling apart. I don't know who I am anymore." She turned her back and willed herself not to cry.

"We will figure it out together. I told you little sister I am here for you no matter what."

"I want to confront father. He knows what's going on and I want answers. Let's go and find him."

Coming out of the shadows and startling both Dimitri and Irinia was Andrei Kralick himself.



HMmmm... and now what shall be revealed! Waiting patiently... okay, mostly patiently... for the next chapter. :)
The story should be wrapped up soon. All will be revealed.
how is it that Dimitri has these memories too? hmm more mysteries...
I should have that answered in the next chapter. Hopefully it will be up tonight.