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October 2010

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Fic: Remember Susan/Talia Part 19

Title: Remember (Part 19/?)
Fandom & Pairing Babylon 5 Susan/Talia
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Andrei wasn't prepared to be answering these questions. It had been so long ago when this all started. He vowed never to talk about it again.

He turned his back on her. It hurt too much to see the pain in her eyes, knowing he was responsible for it.

Susan wasn't going to let him off that easy. She marched right up to Andrei and forced him to look at her. "I need to know what you did to me, you owe me that much."

"Dr. Kranz  had been involved in various projects all centering around the brain. We didn't know it at the time but he had managed to get complete brain scans of every member of the crew including you and I. He was using these scans for various experiments he was conducting. Most of those experiments were not approved.

When you were brought aboard our ship you had no memory of who you were. Dr. Kranz  thought it was fate you ended up where you did and the condition you were in. He came to me pleading with me to come to the infirmary and see what he discovered. I was too overcome with grief to leave my quarters and I dismissed him. He went ahead with the procedure without my consent.

I didn't understand the process but I know it involved transferring brain patterns. I was so furious with him for what he did that I had him thrown into the brig. When I went to the infirmary you were awake. I was stunned and when you called me father I was overjoyed. I had my daughter back." Tears were streaming down Andrei's face.

In a small, quiet voice Susan spoke. "Can it be reversed?"

Andrei turned his watery eyes towards her. A mix of guilt and sympathy etched on his strong face. "I'm sorry I don't know. Dr. Kranz died a few years ago and I made sure no records of his research existed."

"I want you to know that I still think of you as my daughter and that will never change."

Susan turned to him and lashed out. "You were responsible for taking my identity away. Do you think I could ever trust you?"

Susan couldn't take anymore. She had to get away. She ran from the gardens. Andrei and Dimitri both called out to her. She didn't look back.

Coming around the corridor leading away from the gardens Susan collided with Zack.

"I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention", Susan looked up at Zack. "It's Zack, right. She remembered him from the customs incident.

"We've been looking for you Ms. Kralick."

Susan winced upon hearing her "former name".

"Why were you looking for me?" She really didn't care but needed something to get her mind from thinking about what Andrei just revealed.

"The Chief gave orders to find you and bring you to the station house. He didn't say why. But that's the chief for you. He laughed at his little joke. She could see Ms. Kralick wasn't really that interested. Zack activated his link, "All security patrols Ms. Kralick has been located. I repeat Ms. Kralick has been located. Please return to your previous assignments." Zack closed the link and opened a channel to Michael.

"Chief, I have Ms. Kralick and I am bringing her to the station."

"Good work Zack I'll be there to meet you."

Zack looked at Irinia. He grabbed her elbow and she followed without resistance.

Michael was indeed there to greet them. His eyes went to Susan's face. He dismissed Zack. He guided Susan to a chair and motioned for her to sit. "Are you ok?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to sob. He held her close and whispered reassuring words into her ear. "It will be ok. You are with friends now and we will take good care of you."

Susan looked up at him with tear filled eyes.  "I want to remember who I am.  I feel so lost.  Help me find my way."



Feel sorrow for Andrei, but he gave into temptation by not immediately trying to reverse it. Now Susan/Irina have to figure out who she is. Good job! Patiently waiting for next installment. :)
Thanks. I'm glad you liked the chapter. It took me a little while to get it all sorted out but I liked how it turned out.
That was unexpected. Reminds me of watching the first season of B5 and thinking you knew the bad guys only to find out you didn't in the second. I love it when everything is gray instead of blk & white. Good job.
Thank you so much. Getting feedback like yours and the others really makes feel good about my writing. It also inspires me to write more. Thanks again and to everyone who has commented on the story. I did start writing a little bit of the next chapter.