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October 2010

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Fic: Remember Susan/Talia Part 22

Title: Remember (Part 22/?)
Fandom & Pairing Babylon 5 Susan/Talia
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Talia persuaded Susan to take a shower and change while she made her some tea. She could hear Susan moving around in the bathroom. A smile broke out on the telepath's face. For a brief moment Talia pretended the last ten years never happened. This was just another typical night spent with her lover.

Susan was staring at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were swollen and red from all the crying she had been doing. Susan picked up the brush and ran it through her wet hair. She sighed feeling so lost and alone. Granted Talia was in the next room but that did little to ease the ache she felt inside. She turned off the light and headed out into the living room.

Susan emerging from the bathroom brought Talia back from her day dream. She finished pouring the tea into mugs and joined Susan on the couch.

"Do you feel better?", she handed her a mug. Susan accepted the drink. She tired to smile but it just didn't reach her eyes. "A little." She barely got it out, her throat was dry and scratchy from all the crying.
Talia placed her hand on Susan's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I'm sure once you get some rest you'll start to feel better. She took a sip of her tea enjoying the hot liquid sliding down her throat.
Susan scooted closer to Talia and rested her head on her shoulder. She felt safe whenever she was with the telepath. Talia automatically wrapped her arm around Susan's shoulder and held her close. Susan relaxed into the embrace. Just being in this woman's presence calmed her. She buried her nose in the telepath's warm neck. She started to place small kisses along her neck.
Talia was enjoying the closeness of Susan. She thought she would never feel Susan in her arms again. The last ten years had been so lonely without her love. She was momentarily startled by the soft kisses on her neck but her body responded automatically as it always did. She pressed closer to Susan, a small moan escaping her lips. "Oh Susan," she purred in her deep alto voice.

Hearing the telepath moan seemed to encourage Susan. She kissed her way to the telepath's lips. Before Talia had a chance to say anything she felt Susan's lips on hers. The touch was electric. She never thought she would feel those lips kissing her again. All rational thought had left her brain replaced with intense desire for the woman next to her. Talia deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue into Susan's mouth. She ran her hands up and down Susan's back. She could feel Susan's hands doing some exploring of their own. When she felt one of her hands sneak underneath her sweater she tried to pull back.
"Susan, wait," she panted against her neck, pulling out of her embrace. Susan whimpered at the loss of contact. Her face was flushed and her eyes were dark with desire. She tried reaching for Talia again but was stopped.

"Susan, sweetie you need to slow down. I don't want you to do something you'll regret later." It was tearing Talia apart inside, she wanted nothing more than to make love with Susan. But she had to think about Susan instead of herself. She knew she was feeling so vulnerable and didn't want to take advantage of that. She had to stop herself before she reached the point where she couldn't.
Susan raised her eyes to meet the telepath's. She was trying so hard not to cry but she was feeling so empty. "Talia please", she grabbed her hands and help them up to her lips. She placed kisses on her knuckles. "I want to feel something besides the emptiness, make me feel Talia, please." She was begging but she didn't care.

The desperation pouring from her voice tugged at Talia's heart. She loved Susan more than anybody or anything. She couldn't refuse such a heartfelt plea. Talia moved back into her embrace bringing her lips crashing against Susan's.


Lets hope Talia didn't make a mistake giving into Susan. short term it will help, but long term, it might not.

Waiting for next chapter! :)
We will find out a few things in the next chapter. I'm working on it now and hopefully have it up within the week.
Hey I just read Remember and wanted to congratulate on the story. Is there any chance it'll be finished?
Thank you for reading the story. I did intend on finishing it. I believe I do have the next chapter written. Real life had seemed to get in the way. I will try to finish it up soon.

Loving This Fic ;-) ;-) ;-)

Any chance that this will get finished??? Loving the story and have always loved the characters but there is so little being written with using Susan & Talia ...

Thanks for what you have written so far and my fingers are crossed!!!

THANKS!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Re: Loving This Fic ;-) ;-) ;-)

I am so glad that you have enjoyed the story. I've been trying to finish it but haven't gotten around to it. Are there any ideas or thought where you would like to see it go. Maybe some fresh ideas might help. Thanks again.

Re: Loving This Fic ;-) ;-) ;-)

Wow, I will have to think a bit .... Just getting so frustrated trying to find some B5 Talia & Susan FF!!!! So many web sites do not exist any more and I have tried so many emails ... All to be returned with not deliverable!!! So nice to actually communicate with someone a real live person!!! There is a reason why I read and do not write FF!!! But will try!! If you know of any FF that is not on the web any more or know where to find it ... Please let me know!! (Yup, me always late and usually about $10 short!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)


DV8 ;-) ;-) ;-)

Re: Loving This Fic ;-) ;-) ;-)

Have you ever read Desert Sheriff? It's always been a favorite of mine.